small sable and white havanese puppy for sale sticking tongue out


White havanese westminster dog show best of breed winner puppies for sale

We are a family of Havanese dog breeders dedicated to breeding top quality Havanese puppies for you and your family out of the top dogs in the Nation. KASE stands for Kelly, Angelina, Sarah and Elizabeth, the four children of Kel and Sandra Grenga.

Our puppies are played with by our family from birth.  We have found that because our puppies are played with by our children, our cats, and our other dogs, that they are well rounded, well socialized and adjust easily to most home environments.

As Havanese dog breeders we place a high value on the temperament, health, and conformation that people expect in a high quality dog and all of our puppies come with both temperament and health guarantees!

Check out this video of some of our puppies at play!


Quality Havanese Puppies in Charlotte North Carolina


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