sable and white havanese puppies playing with flowers

Puppy Videos

Watch adorable videos of KASE Havanese puppies at play. We feel like seeing videos of our puppies is the next best thing to seeing them in person.  You will notice that some puppies tend to be a little more active while others are a little more laid back but overall all of our puppies have very similar temperaments.  Our hope is that by watching you will be able to get a good feel for what a KASE Puppy is like.

The original “Puppies at Play” video from KASE

6 week old puppies from KASE. This litter shows a variety of colors.

Video of “Izzy” daughter of Fox and Lucy.  This video shows how a single puppy might relate to their owner without the presence of other puppies, which encourages more active play.

Puppies from “Lockie” about 7-8 weeks old.

Check out these puppies from Butterscotch.  These puppies are around 8 weeks old in the video.

This is a cute video of some younger puppies (about 5 weeks).  Havanese puppy personalities are just beginning to come out at this age.

Video from one of our older males “Spencer”

 Not enough videos for you?  We have many more on Youtube! Just go to Youtube and search “KASE Havanese.”



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