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15 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I received my baby 4.5 years ago, she is PERFECTION…Kase was wonderful, when she was born I was able to come see her once a week until I could take her home. I still can’t wait to wake up every day and see her. I would absolutely refer Kase!


  2. We feel so lucky to have one of your puppies …. (Well actually he will be six in January.). Such a great lovable adorable dog. Shamu has been the perfect addition to our family thanks to all your hard work with his mom and dad and taking such great care of him during his first few weeks. If I had my way we would have a couple more from KASE 😄!! Love seeing all the new puppies on your FB page!


  3. Our KASE puppy (now 8 years old) has been a wonderful addition to our family. Working with the Grenga’s was terrific and there’s no doubt how much they care about and love their dogs. Our angel, Snowball, brings so much joy to our house. She has an enormous heart, loves my children (they were babies when we got her), and makes me laugh every day. On top of this, she is downright adorable. I wouldn’t know what to do without her and if I’m ever in a position to add another dog to our family KASE would be my first stop.


  4. We love our two puppies (Boots and Socks)!!.. KASE is AMAZING, and Sandra is an honest and straight forward person looking for great homes to place her little bundles of joy in. My husband and I were looking for a puppy with a sweet nature and some smarts 🙂 We ended up getting two because my husband fell in love with (Socks) the little girl while we were finalizing things for (Boots) the boy. They are both so adorable, gentle, very smart and just such joys to have in our home… We have a two year old little girl and she is in love with them too. It melts my heart when she wakes up and runs into the room to say good morning to them. They are very good with her too… they do not nip at her or bark at her… they are just an instant part of our family and we honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The entire process was basically perfect! Thanks again Sandra!!!


  5. We absolutely love our Havanese girl that we got from Kase in October of 2014. It is hard now to picture life without Scout! She is so smart and funny and keeps us on our toes. She is a bundle of energy who is always ready to run and play, but she also could spend hours sitting in the front yard watching all the neighbors and activity on the street – an inquisitive little thing! We just love Scout and we’re so glad we got her. Thank you for a healthy, smart, sweet puppy that is already a part of the family!


  6. We just received our little girl Kassi from KASE. I happily delivered Kassi to my mother who is retired and was eagerly looking for companion. Mom could not be more pleased and excited when she received Kassi this past week. She immediately fell in love with Kassi.

    A few quotes from mom — “Kassi is such a doll”; “I’m so happy everything is working out great for my little Kassi”

    For sure, Kassi is bundle of love, fun and spirit and I’m absolutely positive that she will continue to bring my mom a lot of joy.

    A big thanks to KASE who did such a remarkable job caring for our gorgeous puppy – and who made the process simple and easy. I was able to visit and play with Kassi when she was just a few weeks old and a week or two before I picked her up.

    I can’t wait for my new KASE puppy – coming this fall/ winter.

    Thanks again KASE!!!


  7. I bought two of your babies born on Valentine’s Day this year. They are 8 months old. I want to say to anyone with any concerns about getting two…..THEY ARE WONDERFUL! They are smart, they love each other and they sure love us. I am so thankful that we got sisters. I absolutely would do it again!!! The articles that are out there do not apply to all breeds. We are beyond in love with both of our Havanese babies.


  8. We brought our little boy, Finn, home yesterday and he is an absolute love! His first stop was to his veterinarian, who said he could not be healthier–or sweeter!, He also commented on his amazingly perfect teeth- which can be an issue with Havanese. We could not be happier with our little Havababy and plan on adopting another in the Spring!

    Thanks, KASE!


  9. We have three KASE Havanese: Daisy 9 yrs, Lucky 8yrs, and Holly 5yrs. They are a joy! Sandra and Kelly are well educated on the breed and ensure that the puppies are placed in good homes.


  10. I have my second Havenese from KASE. I’ve had several breeds of dogs and this is my first time ever having a second of the same breed. Both have been extremely healthy, loving and happy dogs. KASE has been very supportive of any questions or concerns I’ve had. If they don’t know the answer they are always quick to find it out. I highly recommend getting a Havanese from them! Not only are all their dogs up to breed standards but have no health issues. They have gone out of their way no make sure they do not have any genetic problems. I love their dogs, mine especially and Sandra is a pleasure to deal with.


  11. We got our Charli this past Easter. Never has there been a more well adjusted and loved little pup. She adapts to any situation and is happy just to be with people. And needless to say is the cutest puppy ever! All this is a testament to her good breeding.


  12. Wanted to share a little about our Eli. He is now 11 months old and maturing into quite the loving little dog. When we first visited Eli before he was able to come home with us, I noticed he had a mischievous look in his eyes, and he has not let us down. He loves to play hard and can, when he wants to be the most affectionate little puppy you could ever want to have. He has been an incredible addition to our family. He was relatively easy to potty train; he will go to the door and ring the bells hanging off the doorknob when he needs to go out. Piddle pads did not work well for us, Eli would just tear them to shreds, and he loves to tear up paper. This will be Eli’s first Christmas and cannot wait to see his reaction. Should be decide to get Eli a companion we would absolutely get another KASE puppy.


  13. I can’t say enough about our sweet Kobe, we were lucky enough to get him in late September. He is so full of energy and absolutely loves being outdoors, especially now that we have huge leaf piles all over the backyard. He thinks it’s a game to run and jump in a pile and he will lay real still like we can’t see him! He has really perked our 14 year old havi girl up, they both tear through the house at top speed chasing each other, he is such a sweet boy and loves to nuzzle my neck which tickles like crazy, the more I laugh the more he does it. He is not quite 5 months old and is already 100% potty trained which was very surprising because it took us a full year before our older girl was fully trained. He has been a perfect addition to our family. Looking to add another KASE puppy to our family next fall. Thank you Sandra for this perfect little boy!


  14. I got my Ozzie May 14, 2005..Yes 2005, he is 17 and is just starting to slow down. I never heard of this breed before 2005 but I am glad I found them. He has always been healthy, and has the best personality, so funny, very easy to train, everyone that knows him, absolutely loves him. I am so grateful to KASE for him…He’s my best friend, my companion and my family….thank you for my baby!


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