small sable and white havanese puppy for sale sticking tongue out

10 Reasons To Get A Havanese Puppy

10. Havanese are Not hyper.

Any puppy will have more energy and be more rambunctious than an adult but a good quality Havanese dog should have a “chill” temperament and will not be bouncing off the walls.

9. Havanese are Not “snappy.”

A quality Havanese puppy or adult should never be aggressive, growl, or snap at children or adults.

8. Hypoallergenic

Many people with dog allergies can have a Havanese dog because of their hypoallergenic qualities.

7. Healthy with long life span

As far as dog breeds go, Havanese is one of the more healthy, exhibiting less overall health problems than other popular breeds.  It is normal for a Havanese to live 14-16 years.

6. Easy to housetrain

Little dogs are usually harder to housetrain than big dogs.  That being said, Havanese are one of the easiest of the toy breeds to housetrain.

5. Adorable in looks and in temperament

small sable and white havanese puppy for sale sticking tongue out

Need I say more?

4. Great with kids and other animals

Havanese are very gentle and easy-going dogs.  A quality Havanese should be very good with kids, other dogs, cats, and other animals.

3. Self exercise

Havanese make great apartment dogs because of their laid back temperament. They do not require the strenuous exercise that many other breeds do.  Havanese will self-exercise on their own if needed to meet their needs. Of course they will always enjoy a walk or lots of room to run.

2. Quiet

Havanese are a quiet breed.  They do not bark for no reason and usually only bark to let you know if someone comes to the door.

1. Take on your mood

Havanese are very emotionally sensitive and eager to please.  They are bred as companion dogs and will take on your mood.  If you want to play they want to play.  If you want to walk they want to walk.  If you are sick or want to chill with a movie they want to chill with you.  If you are down they want to comfort you.  If you are excited they get excited too.

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Get A Havanese Puppy”

  1. My friend has one and i love him . I’ve never heard him bark. She takes him everywhere with her in a carry bag, and he actually has a car seat. I want one now.


    1. yeah my friend has a white one called thor. really cute dog, at first he was cold to me but after a few visits he’s pretty chill with me


  2. I just got a one year old given to me. I love her to death and have only had her 2 months. She is very intelligent, loves to play and run and is also very attentive to all of us. We got her a car seat so she can see out the window and hopefully ride safely but haven’t rec’d it yet. One thing, we live in the country and she barks at the deer, the turtles, the leaves blowing off the trees and even a trash bucket that was rolling in the wind. Don’t worry, though, she slays the dragons and says bring on some more. ..LOL


  3. Our Havanese “Zeus” is an extraordinary dog. My wife was never a “dog person” like me but in short time her entire life began to revolve around this dog. She absolutely ADORES him. Zeus is extremely intelligent and mirrors whatever emotions are in the air. Havanese are not the ideal breed for first-time dog owners in my opinion. They have complex personalities and do best with consistent and patient owners. That being said, with the correct guidance this breed is one of the most amazing I have ever been around. They are unique and truly special dogs-a testament to the expertise that Kase puts into the breed.


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